§ 16-07.010. Minimum off-street parking requirements.  

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  • The following parking requirements shall apply to all uses approved by special permit as well as permitted uses (see section 16-28.014):


    Single-family detached dwellings and single-family zero-lot-line detached, semidetached, and attached dwellings: One space per dwelling.


    Two-family dwellings: One space per dwelling for structures in which one of the dwelling units does not exceed 750 square feet. For two-family structures, other than those provided for above, parking shall be provided as follows:


    One space per dwelling for dwellings with up to three bedrooms.


    One space per dwelling plus one space for each bedroom above three bedrooms for dwellings with four or more bedrooms.

    For the purpose of determining the number of bedrooms, all rooms suitable for occupancy other than those specifically designed as a kitchen, bathroom, living room or dining room, whether designated as a den, study, recreation room or similar name, shall be counted as a bedroom. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this part, for two-family dwellings in which either dwelling has four or more bedrooms, all parking shall be located in the side or rear yard behind the front façade of the building.


    Schools, colleges, churches, recreational or community centers and other places of assembly: One space for each four fixed seats (with 18 inches of bench length counted as one seat), or one space for each 35 square feet of enclosed floor area for the accommodation of movable seats in the largest assembly room, whichever is greater, plus the following:


    Public or private elementary or middle school: Two spaces for each classroom.


    High school: Four spaces for each classroom.


    Colleges and universities: Eight spaces for each classroom.


    Nursing homes are required to have one space for each two employees and one additional space if there are three or fewer occupants. If there are four to six occupants, a second additional space is required.


    Child care centers, day care centers, prekindergartens, kindergartens, play and other special schools or day care centers for young children: One space per 600 square feet of floor area. In addition to providing off-street parking, such establishments shall provide safe and convenient facilities for loading and unloading children as approved by the director, bureau of traffic and transportation.


    Other uses: One space for each 300 square feet of floor area.


    Accessory dwelling units: No parking required.

(Code 1977, § 16-07.010; Ord. No. 2004-53, § 10D, 8-20-04; Ord. No. 2019-09(18-O-1581), § 1.F, 1-31-19 )