§ 110-70. Pets.  

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  • (a)

    No person shall walk any pet in any park except on a leash, unless the area of the park is explicitly designated as an off-leash dog area.


    It shall be the responsibility of any person bringing a pet into a public park to clean up any matter excreted by the pet.


    Leashed pets are not prohibited in public parks except in the following areas of any parks:




    Swimming pools and pool areas.


    Tennis courts.


    Golf course.


    Within 15 feet of all fences and structures.






    Ball fields.


    Pets are prohibited in parks during permitted Class A, Class B, and Class C outdoor festivals, as defined in section 142-59(a) of this Code of Ordinances. Pets are permitted in parks during Class D and Class E outdoor festivals, as defined in section 142-59(a) of this Code of Ordinances. Any prohibition of pets pursuant to this section, or any similar prohibition of pets during any outdoor festival or outdoor event, shall not apply to those animals where the animal's owner can demonstrate that the animal is part of a performance, exhibit, or other activity conducted as part of the outdoor festival or other outdoor event. Nor shall said prohibition apply to those animals that are confined to a specific area of the park, where such park area is designated by the city as serving the purpose for which the animal is using it.


    Subsections (c) and (d) of this section shall not apply to any guide dog especially trained for the purpose of accompanying a totally or partially blind person or a deaf person, or a service dog especially trained for the purpose of accompanying a physically disabled person, or a dog trained and licensed by and in the possession of the Atlanta Police Department or any other law enforcement agency, or a horse utilized by the city's mounted police patrol.


    Certain defined areas of select parks shall be designated as off-leash dog areas. These areas must be completely fenced with a double-gated entrance and exit system. For any area of a park designated as an off-leash dog area, the rules set forth below shall apply. All of the rules below shall be posted on a sign at each entrance to the off-leash area. In the event that the rules are not posted, users of the area shall still be held responsible for knowing and following the rules, and may be fined or otherwise penalized for failure to abide by such rules. These rules may be augmented by the Commissioner or her/his designee should s/he determine that additional rules are needed.


    All users of the off-leash area shall assume all risk and liability associated with such an area.


    Owners are responsible for the action of their dogs. Each dog must be kept within sight of her/his owner and under voice control.


    Dog owners have responsibility for watching their dog's behavior. If a dog displays aggressive behavior or fights, the owner shall be responsible for immediately controlling or removing the dog from the off-leash area.


    No more than three dogs per owner shall be allowed in the area at one time.


    All dogs must wear a collar and ID tag.


    All dogs must be properly licensed, healthy, and have current vaccinations.


    No puppies under 16 weeks are allowed.


    No dogs in heat are allowed.


    No dogs are permitted to enter with pronged collars.


    Any dog that barks continually must be removed or muzzled by her/his owner.


    Owners must clean up after their dogs.


    The off-leash areas have double gated entrances. Owners must close and latch both gates after entering or exiting the area.


    No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the area without close adult supervision.


    The only food of any kind allowed is bite-size dog treats.


    Do not feed dogs without the owner's permission.


    Bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, jogging or strollers are not allowed.


    Dogs are not permitted on benches.


    The off-leash area may be closed in times of bad weather or for maintenance.


    Serious problems resulting in injury must be reported immediately to the bureau of parks.

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State law reference

Right to have guide dog in public place, O.C.G.A. § 30-4-1.

Cross reference

Animals, ch. 18.

Editor's note

Ord. No. 2006-66, § 14, provided for an effective date of Jan. 1, 2007.