§ 6-171. Amount of pension, maximum designated  

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  • When such officer or employee shall retire as a matter of right, he shall be paid one-half (½) of the salary he was receiving at the time of his retirement, for the rest of his life, to be paid monthly. The maximum amount to be paid to any officer or employee as a pension, under this act, shall be the sum of $100 per month, except as otherwise provided herein. Provided, however, the amount of the pension shall be increased five dollars ($5.00) per month for each full year's service not in excess of 10 years, rendered by the officer or employee after the time when he might have retired as a matter of right. The records, kept in the office of the comptroller of such city, shall be conclusive as to the time served.

(1927 Ga. Laws, page 265, § 3; 1935 Ga. Laws, page 445, § 1; 1947 Ga. Laws, page 1635, § 3; 1952 Ga. Laws, page 2765, § 3)


The provisions compiled in the above section were repealed by 1978 Ga. Laws, page 4546 but have been retained at the request of the city due to their applicability to certain individuals.