§ 6-85. Same; computation, payment of benefits  

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  • The pensions set up and provided for in this act shall, in the case of death of the pensioner if said pensioner has complied with all the requirements of this act as to designating the surviving widow, if such pensioner shall leave a surviving widow, be a sum equal to three-fourths (¾) of the amount the pensioner would have received and shall be paid to such widow during the remainder of her life except that such widow's pension shall be discontinued in case of her remarriage. In case the officer or employee could have secured a pension on account of his services but failed to do so and continued in the service of the city and died without having a pension set apart to said widow subject to the restrictions herein named and provided the pensioner has paid for such privilege, such widow may apply for and receive a pension of three-fourths (¾) of the amount equal to what her deceased husband would have been entitled to and have the sum of said pension, set apart to her during her life of widowhood. Provided, however, in order to entitle the widow to a pension under this act, she must have been the wife of the officer or employee of such cities for a period of one (1) year prior to the retirement of such pensioner or for one (1) year prior to the death of an officer or employee who was entitled to retire but failed to do so, as provided by the terms of this act.

(1935 Ga. Laws, page 445, § 8; 1945 Ga. Laws, page 999, § 7; 1959 Ga. Laws, page 2633, § 1; 1972 Ga. Laws, page 3150, §§ 1, 2)


The provisions compiled in the above section were repealed by 1978 Ga. Laws, page 4546 but have been retained at the request of the city due to their applicability to certain individuals.