§ 4-37. Establishment  

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  • Pursuant to the provisions of Article VI, Section I of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, as amended, and the provisions of that constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly to create a new court or system of courts in each city having a population of more than 300,000 and to provide jurisdiction of such court or system of courts (Res. Act No. 81; H.R. 167-510; Ga. L. 1967, p. 963), which constitutional amendment was specifically continued in force and effect on and after July 1, 1987, as a part of the Constitution of the State of Georgia by an Act approved March 26, 1986 (Ga. L. 1986, p. 4820) [see § 4-36 hereof], there is hereby established in each city of this state having a population of 300,000 or more according to the United States decennial census of 1990 or any future such a court to be known as the city court of such city. Such courts shall be considered courts of record and shall have a seal of appropriate design prescribed by the governing authority of each city; and the minutes, records, and other books and files that are required by law to be kept for the superior courts shall, in the same manner, so far as the jurisdiction of state courts may render necessary, be kept in and for such courts.

(1996 Ga. Laws, page 627, § 1)