Part I. Charter And Related Laws  

SubPart A. Charter
Bill Of Rights
Article 1. Name, Powers, And Boundaries
Article 2. Legislative
Article 3. Executive
Article 4. Courts
Article 5. Elections, Removal And Conflicts Of Interest
Article 6. Revenue And Fund Administration
Article 7. Interim And General Provisions
Appendix I. Council Districts
Appendix II. Housing Commission
§ 1. Creation
§ 2. Purpose
§ 3. Composition
§ 4. Method of appointment
§ 5. Staffing
§ 6. Meetings, reports and recommendations
§ 7. Terms of office
§ 8. Compensation; appointment
Appendix III. Civil Service Board
§ 1. Civil service board
SubPart B. Related Laws
Chapter 1. General Provisions(Reserved)
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Community Development
Chapter 4. Courts
Chapter 4.5. Reserved
Chapter 5. Health And Sanitation
Chapter 6. Pensions
Chapter 7. Planning
Chapter 8. Solid Waste
Chapter 9. Taxation
Appendix A. Georgia Constitution 1983
Article IX. Counties And Municipal Corporations
Appendix B. Official Code Of Georgia Annotated
§ 21-2-403. Time for opening and closing of polls
§ 36-35-1. Short title
§ 36-35-2. Incorporation, dissolution, merger, and boundary changes by local Act or under general law; annexation of deannexed property
§ 36-35-3. Adoption of ordinances, rules, and regulations; amendment of municipal charters by ordinance; amendment of charters and amendment or repeal of ordinances, rules, and regulations by petition and referendum
§ 36-35-4. Compensation and benefits for employees and members of governing authority; conditions and requirements governing increases for elective members of governing authority
§ 36-35-4.1. Reapportionment of election districts for municipal elections
§ 36-35-5. Filing of charter amendments or revisions, notices, and affidavits; publication and distribution of amendments and revisions by Secretary of State
§ 36-35-6. Powers granted
§ 36-35-6.1. Limitations on home rule powers
§ 36-35-7. Provisions of chapter general law; enactment of local or special laws on subject matters covered by chapter; effect of chapter upon amendment of municipal charters
§ 36-35-8. Effect of conflict with Chapter 34